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About Our Yoga

Bikram’s Beginning Hatha Yoga Class is a comprehensive 90-minute class consisting of a series of 26 Postures and 2 breathing exercises, developed by Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury in the 1960’s, brought to the USA by Bikram in 1973, and taught and practiced around the world, more and more, ever since.
Each posture is done twice with a Savasana (rest pose) between each, holding to the 3 primary principles of Hatha Yoga as explained in the introduction to Bikram’s book.
The class is practiced in a heated room, to promote the therapeutic benefits of the Yoga, including cellular metabolism, vasodilation, detoxification, and suppleness of the muscular system, providing a greater level of safety when doing the poses.
It is a beginning class, anybody can do it — any age, size, shape, condition, walk of life, background, gender, belief system, and any chronic problem. It’s accessible and non-exclusive. We do only beginning Yoga Postures — nothing that can hurt or injure you.
The Postures are held still at maximum effort, not continuous movement, again a primary principle of Hatha Yoga (Asana). Although the first emphasis is on the correctness and safety of the postures, the Class is very challenging and you will have to make demands of yourself. It requires tremendous concentration, careful listening to the teacher’s Dialogue (precise instructions), patience, determination, trust, and discipline. As these are required of you, they also develop within you.
The Therapeutic, Curative, Preventive, and overall Health Benefits of Bikram’s system of Yoga are legendary. Countless people have practiced Bikram’s Yoga to overcome chronic problems of all kinds. It takes practice, consistency, and a determination not to give up and to “try the right way,” to gain the full life-enchancing effects of the Yoga practice.
With Bikram Yoga, you develop the foundation for anything you want to achieve and maintain in life — athletically, professionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually. At all the Schools that teach Bikram Yoga you will discover the “Key to the Kingdom of Health.” You will be encouraged to challenge yourself to improve, make better, and maintain your health, your spine, and your life. Bikram’s guru, Bishnu Ghosh, said “Never too late, never too old, never too bad” and Bikram added “never too sick…to start from the scratch once again.”

1. Prana-Yama Deep Breathing

2. Half-Moon Pose

3. Awkward Pose

4. Eagle Pose

5. Standing Head To Knee Pose

6. Standing Bow Pose

7. Balancing Stick Pose

8. Standing Separate Leg Pose

9. Triangle Pose (Top Of The Mountain)

10. Separate Leg Pose

11. Tree Pose

12. Toe Stand

13. Savasana (Resting Pose)

14. Wind-Removing Pose

15. Sit Up

16. Cobra Pose

17. Locust Pose

18. Full Locust Pose

19. Bow Pose

20. Fixed Firm Pose

21. Half-Tortoise Pose

22. Camel Pose

23. Rabbit. Pose

24. Stretching / Seated Head-To-Knee Pose

25. Spine Twisting Pose

26. Final Breathing Posture